Thursday, October 25, 2007

Week of 10/28- 11/2- Assignment

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Sorry about the long delay in getting this to you. Please notify me if this delays your getting assignment in on time. The blog assignment is due "late" Sunday 10/28, Ideally, get it in earlier and feed off each other's ideas an experiences.



Green Buildings And Neighborhoods
1) READ a) Beatley, Building Ecologically 290-324 (at least 30 pages) AND b) Apollo Alliance report, New Energy for Cities, section on ***High Performance Buildings****, pp 13-27, if you haven't already done so AND/OR
c) Roseland handout, from Toward Sustainable Communities, Chapter 11, Housing and Community Development, pp.154-167, contains excellent resources on affordable housing, health, and eco-justice. Can focus just on housing, if you like.

2) REFLECT & WRITE a short blog entry on your observations on how these readings could apply to changes you could make in Ithaca or your home place (not your individual house) if you were a planner, public official, citizen activist, etc.***OR***Short, written Case Study: Follow up on one strategy or place you got excited about and turn your learning into a one-page blog entry. (Extra credit for linking to course themes of integrated systems, justice, city as nature, citizen empowerment, transit oriented development, etc.)

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(Or in addition to) instead of focusing on Housing/Neighborhoods:You can: Deepen/Integrate Earlier Threads -Systems, Justice, Or Greening1) READ OR RE-READ your choice of sections of either Hallsmith (Systems), Agyeman on (Justice/Sustainability), OR Edens Lost & Found and/or Roseland handout on Greening (Urban Ecology), (30-40 pages will do)2) REFLECT/WRITE on their applicability to other areas we have covered, new ways you are understanding and valuing this area, or a project or tool from them that you'd like to do a short Case Study of.


3) Continue with Behavior Change and Journal . Even if I have the physical book at my desk, please write on same size page, & paste in later.
Note: If you're feeling uninspired or underworked in your "social sustainability" efforts, how about organizing a group local foods dinner/celebration (lots of creative participatory planning involved here)? (I've got great seasonal cookbook resources). Or even a joint meal with our IC sister class (11 people). Could be sooner (more fresh local foods, less end-term stress) or later (nice finale, more need for celebration, more time and energy scarcity). Also note our "final exam" will be a closing celebration, during our final exam time on final week, including food & drink I provide and an evaluation process.


CASE PRESENTATIONS: (max 6-7 min, 3-4 min for Q&A & feedback)Maya, Rachel, Libby (Caitlin, - please contact Ron & I to reschedule, as you were out)

NATURE IN THE CITY (ideally, this would include taking at least an hour to DIRECTLY OBSERVE your focus area for Nature in the City) - Toni, Deane

DISCUSSION FACILITATION - Melanie, Salima (Deane, missed your turn, please check in with me)

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