Thursday, November 15, 2007

Week of Nov 18-23 Assignment

Congratulations on a great job last night, Greg, Carlos, Gabriella, Caitlin, Libby, Maya, Kendra and the teammates supporting them! Many people, including a couple of public officials, have told me how moved they were by your sincerity and dedication and the quality of the presentations. It was also great to have more contact with the IC teams. And thanks for the good food, it made the evening festive and easy for others. This kind of campus/community interaction is very exciting and important. You are making a positive difference!

As I noted on the field trip, there is NO REQUIRED READING OR WRITING for Tuesday, Nov 20

Next Tuesday, we will have an opportunity to get to the many PRESENTATIONS you are eager to share. Please tell me if there is a mistake in this list and also what you will be presenting about, so I can see if there's any sensible order.
Nature in the City: KENDRA, CAITLIN, EMILY

Continue BEHAVIOR/JOURNAL work, (continue the Personal & Community Health thread, if you like). We will have time set aside for sharing on Tuesday. Observing how you fare with this when the crunch time happens is an important part of the learning.

Continue PROJECT work, first and foremost.

I am finishing up project-specific variations of Project Reports with guides. They are due during Finals Week, < NOT last week of classes> after incorporating feedback and insights from doing from presentations. Of course, you can get started on them earlier on in tandem with presentation work, and make the changes later on.
Basic project report plan is to write up as a group a 10-20-page (2 copies) project synthesis that can educate and engage the community/organization it serves and carry the project forward through future groups. It should concisely include, though not necessarily in a linear way: Goals/Brief Overview… Resources and Stakeholders (not in full detail, as in appendix)….. Strategies/Key Steps….. Successes….. Obstacles….. Outcomes….. Lessons Learned….. Recommendations/Next Steps … an Appendix with Data, Resource lists, etc. as appropriate. Some parts may be electronic (CD, DVD, etc.) *******You are encouraged to be creative and engaging, but still cover the bases.*****

Again, thanks, for your inspiring efforts and enthusiasm

EWeek of lan

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